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1 year ago

great video. it is a nice effect by the last sump how the liguid splushed up as if you crushed the balls. Similar as when you crushed the eggs in the other video. These effect make it also special.

1 year ago

BB in hotel is interesting because you deal in the field of SM, the maids however you change the codes, the maid becomes the executioner, we take pleasure in seeing you punish the dirty guy in your magnificent black outfit with white lace, long nails varnished white and especially his sandals with platform soles in black suede that you use with dexterity on the balls of the guy by fully penetrating your midsole in the balls with each kick. The final is also jubilant, frontal kick in the balls followed by a slaughter of the end of the midsole in… Read more »

1 year ago

Totally hot, especially the ball stomp at the end, you surely crushed them, lol.

You are great at this.