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1 year ago

Hi, Have you ever hit the balls for self defense?

1 year ago

Can you describe what it’s like to kick a man in the balls. Can you feel his balls on your foot when you kick?

1 year ago

I have a few questions, answer any of them you want! 1. How old were you when you first learned that balls are men’s weakness? 2. How old were you when you kicked a guy in the balls for the first time? 3. What do you prefer to do to guys’ balls, kneeing or kicking? 4. Which shoes in your experience are the most painful to a man’s balls? 5. Do you personally enjoy kicking guys between the legs, and why? 6. What got you into making these videos and produce your content in general? 7. Is ballbusting popular in… Read more »

1 year ago

How and why did you get into ballbusting? What is your favorite way to hit a guy down there? Do you get Aroused by it? If you wanted to pop a guys balls how would yo do it? What do you enjoy the most when ballbusting a guy?

John G. Miller
1 year ago

Do you prefer to kick someone in the balls in stripper heels or knee someone in the balls?

1 year ago

Could you do another robbery video that’s longer, has more talking back and forth, and has cracking sounds instead of squishing ones?

1 year ago

Hi! Can you do more videos with teasy woman gestures and bust? Like in “I’m a bitch, I’m a boss’, or ‘Diamond Demon’ at the end? So sexy, with liplick face tease and bust! You’re awesome!

1 year ago

Хотелось бы видеть видео без обработки,музыки и спецэффектов в эротичном белье (туфельки, чулочки), с реально жесткими ударами. Будут ли такие видео?

1 year ago

Have you ever kicked a guy full force that did *not* want you to do that? So just because *you* wanted to see his reaction?

1 year ago

Damm! I missed the request end date.
Having said that I’m really glad I found you, Your content is really, really good. Breathtaking, erotic, very high production value, creative., It’s brilliant !! Thankyou so much… you make me really, really hard. I want to call my BB Call Girl!