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1 year ago

unique end. Interesting and very sexy too. The graphic edits have great potential in the ballbusting photos and videos. Good job really.

Last edited 1 year ago by robertd3333
1 year ago

The cruel ending is so hot!! The ultimate punishment for a man!! Can’t wait to see more!

11 months ago

Love this! Probably my favorite photo set so far! Really happy to see BBlover’s awesome reactions and the fantastic ending!

11 months ago

This is amazing, hopefully you release a video version soon

10 months ago

Really a very beautiful series as I like, your look really hot as well as the knees that I really appreciate, very good to see the sole of the shoe pressing the balls on different planes, we have the impression that ‘these are our balls, too bad semen does not flow out of the penis

10 months ago

Seeing the platform sole of the pump up the balls by causing a strong reaction of the penis which allows the scrotum to stand out in the main shot shows how the pleasure and pain combine for a final jerk of the penis being released violently.

9 months ago

very nice job , do you have release a video version soon