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11 months ago

The idea is really sexy!! I like how the knees and kicks are combined with the dancing. Its really sexy that you look like you are just dancing and just happen to also knee him in the balls. I think nice idea would be a variety of dancing-like kicks (like back kicks or knee holds) For the ending I always like a cruel ending hehe. Dancers have really strong legs so I think they can easily destroy a man’s balls. I would definitely like her to destroy his balls in the end! Maybe burst them with a heel stomp and… Read more »

11 months ago

Very nice! I agree with below, cruel ending is best ;). And if you can at the very end I would love to see a surprise hit that’s SUPER hard. Doesn’t matter if it’s a knee or a kick… Just the element of surprise is hot!

11 months ago

Love it the idea is perfect for your style! If I could change just one thing though it be for the dress to be more latina inspired too

10 months ago

I love your look, the way you move, the guy is really sticky as it should be but a pity that you do not chain more kicks in the balls than we can see the impact in slow motion on the balls , he would also have had to add shots from the back heels in the balls and find the guy on the ground seated to hold the balls and receive full kicks again in the balls.