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10 months ago

Even though I love your editing and processing. Your raw videos are also hot as hell. I loved the last knee where you hold it in his balls. Also your kicks are super sexy as alwats!! Enjoy your vacation!!

10 months ago

This will sound really random, but could you make a video where you say “fuck” a lot? I bet that would be awesome…

10 months ago

I like all your videos and ballbusting topcs. However, here for the first time I saw that you start kicking not in the balls but behind the balls in the perineal area so that the balls are barely touched. This is done in a lot of videos from different authors. So far, what made you diffferent from the others was that your ballbusting was genuine with direct kicks and punches in the balls and not the fake kicks behind the balls. I hope you get back the the proper kicks. Thanks for the post anyway.

10 months ago

you make a very nice entrance with this exceptional ballbusting video, I appreciate your pretty tanned body and her pretty feet ready to make the balls suffer on all occasions.
I look forward to seeing you in boots for some great ballbusting videos.

10 months ago

Hi! very nice video;) amazing views and amazing body!

I would love to see you laugh when busting, in my opinion to make fun of him and laugh when you are hitting him is the hottest thing!!

Also I miss some FULL force hits ;(.. like full force kick from behind will be perfect!

For everything else, very good video!

10 months ago
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