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10 months ago

Beautiful content 😍 I definitely need my balls kicked like that 🀀 keep up the great work and I appreciate all your hard work and time it takes to make and edit these videos ❀️

10 months ago
very good back to school video, what a pity that your stiletto pumps do not hit the balls and the cock.
10 months ago

this types of videos are nice and unique to you, thanks. You can consider stepping and crushing the plums at the end with your foot but it is nice anyway.

10 months ago
Reply to  nastygirlbb

Thanks for the answer. Also, it was nice how you squeeze the cooked eggs at the very beginning of the video. The eggs could have also been crushed in your hand πŸ™‚

10 months ago

That is exactly what I was waiting for!! So so sexy! Its your page’s unique style! I would love to see you step on the plum-balls in the end and I can’y wait to see nore similar material. You’re the best!

10 months ago

Okay. I never subscribed for anything like this. Or left a comment for anything of this platform. But i fucking wish you were to kick me and knee me on my balls so fucking hard, I always thought this Secret kink of mine was weird, but seeing that you do this reluctantly, my balls wanna marry your knee and foot. I love you & i don’t even know your name.

10 months ago

Dear Nasty, how many omelettes of broken balls have you made so far? I think you’ve mastered the art. Or do you need more practice?! 😜

9 months ago

You always come up with very creative ideas. Very enjoyable