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5 months ago

Hi, I love the simplicity and directness of this clip, and love the enthusiasm that shines through in your work! Please more hard ball stomping!

4 months ago

That barefoot ball stomp is one of the sexiest busts I think I’ve ever seen. Top tier stuff! 😊 I think the only other time I was this turned on by your videos is that time you grabbed/squeezed and twisted the balls in your self defense video, so hot 🤩

4 months ago

I also love how you can see the ripple pulsing out fron his groin as you stomp on it!! 😂

4 months ago

Do you think you could make a few videos of you just telling us how you’d bust balls and showing different ways you would do it without actually kicking any balls? That’d be pretty easy for you to do and it’d be really good.

1 month ago

The nude kneeing at the end of the clip is just amazing! I wish you had more of those.